Who is Fruit Hub Pty Ltd?

Fruit Hub Pty Ltd (ABN 91 627 734 865) is a family owned business with over 70 years of knowledge and experience in growing, packing and marketing avocados and other fruit and vegetables.


Our business is partnered with Karri Country Produce Pty Ltd who is the largest exporter of avocados in Australia. Along with the export of avocados they also export other fruit, vegetables and fast moving consumer goods.


Together, Fruit Hub and Karri Country Produce have the ability to move lesser graded fruit and vegetables into food service businesses that operate across Australia as well as South East Asia to maximise returns to growers.


Fruit Hub Pty Ltd has market access to Japan, South East Asia and all domestic markets across Australia.

What does Fruit Hub Pty Ltd offer growers?

As a business we offer our growers a full range of business assistance. We help you get your business export and domestic market ready and compliant with all the required quality assurance protocols, to be able to supply the supermarket chains. We have team that can set your quality systems up and ensure that it is as hassle free as possible and easy to manage.


Fruit Hub Pty Ltd is consistently looking for new market opportunities so we can ensure that we market as much of the produce as possible so we can give you the best ROI on your produce.


Our packing and marketing software gives growers the ability to log on and see their information on what has been packed and marketed.


We are currently working on being able to give growers the ability to enter their own dispatches and tracking – this way we know in advance exactly what is coming to the pack house and growers will be able to print their own despatch advices and match it to what we send back in return.


Our system has the ability to provide up to date reports either via email or supplier login.


Along with packing and marketing we offer assistance in growing and crop management.


We have access to top nurseries around Australia for top quality trees to ensure you get only the best trees or root stocks.

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