Southern Brook Butcher Chicken


Southern Brook is a family run abattoir and butcher located in Serpentine area.

Chicken avaible:
Thigh Fillets skin off $17 per kg
Thigh Fillets skin on $16 per kg
Breast Fillets skin off $16.50 per kg
Breast Fillets skin on $15.50 per kg
Maryland skin off $15 per kg
Maryland Skin on $14 per kg
Drumsticks $8 per kg
Drumettes $8 per kg

Sold per kilogram. Please select number of kilos before adding to cart.

Note: this item is only available as an add-on with the purchase of fruit and/or vegetable boxes.



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Southern Brook Chicken

Thigh Fillets skin off $17/kg, Thigh Fillets skin on $16/kg, Breast Fillets skin off $16.50/kg, Breast Fillets skin on $15.50/kg, Maryland skin off $15/kg, Maryland Skin on $14/kg, Drumsticks $8/kg, Drumettes $8/kg

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